Swedish gaming license 2019

Sweden has a new gambling law that will come into effect in Sweden on 1 January 2019.
Sweden will have a new, re-regulated gambling market.
A licence is required when offering gambling for money.

Swedish Gambling Authority regulations in brief:

  • The market is divided into the following:
    • one part covering online gambling and betting
    • one part covering gambling that has a public benefit, such as lotteries and land-based bingo,
    • one part that is controlled by the Swedish state, such as land-based casinos and token machines
  • Gambling operator that has been granted a licence must protect players from excessive gambling. Also include monitoring behaviours and help players to limit their gambling
  • Bonus may only be offered by a licence holder on the first gambling occasion
  • Players shall be able to exclude himself or herself from gambling with all licence holders in Sweden
  • Swedish Gambling Authority can request the blocking of payments and determine that an online operator must display a warning message on websites that are not licensed in Sweden
  • Criminal offense, cheating at gambling, is being introduced to deter match fixing
  • Forbidden on events featuring young people under the age of 18
  • Marketing of gambling must be moderate and not be specifically targeted at people under the age of 18 or individuals who have excluded themselves from gambling
  • Tax of 18% of the profit they make on gambling in Sweden. Gambling that has a public benefit shall remain free of tax